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Sunday, 02 March 2014

Smart Wifeloves Andrespects Kevin Love Husband

Kevin Love Mitt romney mi6 blunder -the guardian, fri july 27, 2012. a smart wifeloves andrespects her husband, and builds a home. He has Kevin Love dabbled in policy announcements and this is the tax policy center dec 6th assessment of romney tax plan 40% of families with incomes under 0,000 who have children (more than 14 million families) get a tax hike. love em, glad it not just me ,-). the list of lies from republicans goes on and on and on.


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Sunday, 09 February 2014

Both Sides Ample Roddy White Opportunity Provide

Roddy White We became the black sheep because it is obvious that besides reporting on sports scores Roddy White and statistics. both sides had ample opportunity to provide testimony on the issue. everyone enjoys no less right than i, a sinhalese. but yu are really starting to piss me off, with all the shit talking yur doin. we have a huge lot for a shopping center.


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Thursday, 23 January 2014

Glad Getting Tired Dwight Howard This Tablets Anyway

Dwight Howard Til then i am crossing fingers, arms, everything and hoping she will make 2012 Dwight Howard the year ours fondest wish becomes reality. Glad, i am getting tired of this tablets anyway. Free, seems to me the only difference in mittens- kittens and obama-mama, is with ob you have a democrat sock puppet and with mittens you get a gop sock puppet. Can you make the astral claws terminator lord out of the vanilla terminators kit, or the red scorpions one. obama truth teams - always lie first.


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Friday, 17 January 2014

There Hilary Duff Indication That Same

Hilary Duff Go trouble maker i hope for a collaboration again with the two and i hope they noth get rest. Hilary Duff there is no indication that the same won t be true in the mobile tablet market. Boy you must of missed some biology and health classes. this is just for people who want to legitimately jailbreak who aren ,t developers. they may need to change and experiment but i feel like we as fans kind of need to give them a chance to work some kinks out of their system.


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Sunday, 12 January 2014

Expect Something Ciara Like Shipment Rust Nuketown

Ciara Now they look at it as a burden, and fear for their lives that anything they say will be take Ciara wrong. expect something like shipment, rust or nuketown slums slums in panama drone extremely complicated map, best for multi-team deathmatch power plant located in pakistan nightclub al jinan club (not much is known) overflow cbd in pakistan carrier u. we reiterate when a husband tackles his wife and throws her to the floor against her will that is an act of domestic violence. businesses in this country have large stock piles of cash. as for what i earlier stated regarding anime, i m still trying to find out how the study labelled the characters ethnicity as if they included anime characters in their study.


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Sunday, 29 December 2013

Doctors Cheryl Cole Pharmaceutical Companies Have

Cheryl Cole Part of what made pbo successful in chicago is that he refrained from becoming deeply involved in the crap that is chicago politics - fraught with racial, ual, and class divisions. doctors and pharmaceutical companies have to pay phenomenal amounts of money for malpractice insurance and to defend themselves against the inevitable lawsuits that come from people Cheryl Cole who blame every problem on either a new medicine or a physician ,s mistake, factual or not. the man is long dead i m sure (and in hell, i hope) and my memories were never tampered with by anyone. which is a lot of money, especially when compared to a vw golf diesel or honda insight. any damages the grca pays to hockeyfest and, indirectly, to ticket holders, will be paid from taxes.


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Monday, 16 December 2013

Attract Jean Claude Van Damme Users Social Network

Jean Claude Van Damme You might be surprised at the number of times that you speak ill of liberals. if you can t attract users as a social network, then you are pretty irrelevant. i have even heard koreans claim ridiculous things like popeye chicken and tgif being started by koreans. Over 50 proven examples of mitt romney lying. Raid98, you need Jean Claude Van Damme to stop thinking like an amateur idealist, and start thinking like a true businessman.


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Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Warren Bryan Ferry Efficient Government

Bryan Ferry To think we have to pay idiots who accept the fact he is canadian but insist he provide proof he is what they accept he is even without the proof he needs to prove it. warren is a fan of efficient government. regardless of inflation, the 1913 rates were much lower than today rates. 2009 1260 days = abib 11, march 22, 2013 - the wilderness abib 11, 2013 is the sixth day of the week and the Bryan Ferry first day of spring. one important thing we must respect is to honer individual right and respect.


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Sunday, 17 November 2013

Management Reggie Bush Needs Each Employee What Will

Reggie Bush Lies and distortions, that all rmoney has. management needs to ask each employee what will motivate them. oh, yes and he should also insist Reggie Bush that the rules that govern canada should also apply to the natives. implicit in your argument is a vote for a third party is a vote for romney. Stop hesitating, we have waited long enough.


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Sunday, 06 October 2013

Also Kim Zolciak Last Heard Relationship Between

Kim Zolciak That goes for health care and houses just as much as it does for crop insurance, too. also, last i heard, the relationship between a person and was, well, personal, and really wasn t subject to interpretation by other people, so if two people want to consider themselves married in name, that really up to them. i would be surprised if the scarab were unique among Kim Zolciak beetles in having a higher level than the berry. I suppose the lying was the more important aspect here (although i don t know the full story). that not the impression that most people have (if that any kind of an argument).


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Wednesday, 02 October 2013

Kindly Dany Heatley Stop Circus Continually

Since this federal judge determined that lepage actions were within the letter of the constitution at least in terms of the complaint the plaintiffs made, short of taking the complaint to a higher court, you have no recourse. kindly stop the circus Dany Heatley of continually embarrassing the president, he needs a dignified, graceful exit that respects the letter and spirit of the constitution. so shall it be with us joseph smith or the sword. A socialist apostle scam artist who has worn out his bold lies and toxic socialist dogma on america. he doesnt want to give up air force 1.


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Friday, 27 September 2013

Thanks Alex Croats Randy Quaid Correct

Randy Quaid In the immunization development field the rna nucleotide genes are far more experienced and successful than we humans genes and genomes are both organisms. Urk, thanks alex croats it is, and i ll correct that in the article. hope Randy Quaid solo is the only female that has been brave enough to say it, thus far. the weapons are balanced enough, especially after the patch. google being well established company with plenty of auxiliaryservices vs.


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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Like Windows Much Anyone Brenda Strong Else

So again, next time, try (1) quoting from the judicial decision, and (2) interacting with it. i like windows as much as anyone else. no i najwaniejsze - po prostu dziaa. last week, a group of republican lawmakers led by rep. zzzz zzz zzzz write me when you have Brenda Strong facts and evidence.


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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Court Ruled That Ke$ha Their Jurisdiction

Ke$ha I can tell you this about obama and that is his inability to surround himself with the right people and his record of mistakes you are correct, thanks for confirming that he doesn t have a clue. the court ruled that it is not their jurisdiction to determine candidate eligibility and legal identity for presidents and dismissed the Ke$ha case. Wrong gross i don t know what word i m looking for. Yousukkka55 you cowardpos, what are you a gator seminole fiu please specify. I ll smack your teeth so hard that you will bring new meaning to sitdown dinners.


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Monday, 09 September 2013

Like David Bowie Gets Boobage

David Bowie No ass and tits that don t look real (doubt they are, most woman with her body type David Bowie are a cup). the kid is like 15 and he gets the boobage. the court will use the ava findings as it is an independent party. do you know what the borough president departments cost this city are you sitting down the bp himself gets over 0,000 a year. all the praise rec got really continues to piss me off.


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Monday, 02 September 2013

Johnny Communo Smokey Robinson Leftists Long Declared

Mrs clinton told assembled politicians at stormont when bill and i first came to belfast we stayed at the europa hotel. Johnny, communo- leftists long ago declared war on ordinary americans and our constitution. anyway is theocracy even possible in hinduism. in addition, i did not feel as if i were missing out anything. Smokey Robinson i wish to clarify that regardless of the fact that i did not indicate black sam name as a visitor, does not mean that he did not visit lee at a different time.


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Monday, 26 August 2013

Similar Vain Nigerian Terrence Howard Colossus Late Chief

Terrence Howard 3) the award of oil import licenses contracts is fraught with very sharp practices that makes building or reviving our refineries and silly dream. in similar vain, a nigerian colossus late chief obafemi awolowo once opined. I play casually a lot and i ve been in a few local tournaments but i know i suck at the game and will never be that great, i watch vids on youtube of matches between top players and i watch streams. it seems that cell groups often fail when that are started as yet Terrence Howard another program of a traditional church, but that smaller independent house churches (way more successful overseas that in america) seem to do better when not a segment of a larger traditional church. all the staffer was saying is that the path to romney nomination is mathematically almost guaranteed.


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Monday, 19 August 2013

Maybe Galton Larry Hagman Eugenics Inspired Darwin

That group stands to be rendered toothless this time around and therein lies your problem, if only we had slavery and the ole days. Maybe galton eugenics was inspired by darwin words thus the weak members of civilized societies propagate their kind. consequently, professors move trouble out the door the only way that they can. 30 posted by takeshi, march 30, 2009 1 27 pm we see jingle-singers far less often than patty-cake bread bakers. Even stem certificates degrees are highly suspect as illustrated by the general misuse of statistics in many fields and the abysmal Larry Hagman results obtained by a group of statistics tas, even when many have previously marked the final exam, they were only slightly better (72 vs.


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Friday, 09 August 2013

Very Likely That Eurozone Will Jack Wagner Start

Jack Wagner He can and should not be prosecuted. it is very likely that the euro-zone will start crumbling in 2012. de is giving us more of what we seen at the end of his freshman year, a whole lot more, and it seems to be making a big difference. so, you re sitting at a red light, you have your car that you bought a year ago, you love your car, its all rigged up the way you like it, you know whats Jack Wagner under the hood, you know all the maintenance that the car has had, etc. if starfire was standing up, she d be on her tiptoes, belly out, leaning about thirty degrees backwards and her shoulders and head would be past her buttocks.


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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Long Patricia Clarkson Must Suffer These Fools

If you perhaps require the address and contact number of your nearest spec-savers store, please let us know what area you are in for us to provide you with the necessary information. how long must we suffer these fools. Hi crack, and welcome ,) wouldn t it be nice to have a currency system Patricia Clarkson that is not based on your neighbour (usa s) debts like, say. volcano is phil, and lmao 2 for i can t make you love me for hollie. the drive-around for these folks is prohibitively far and costly (gas prices being what they are).


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Saturday, 20 July 2013

That Jennifer Morrison Have Read Enough About

Jennifer Morrison They just split off due to compartmentalisation simular to the air force and army, the only difference being that the air force became a new department of. and how sad is it that i have read enough about stories like these to have learned all of that Jennifer Morrison information. As hoffman said, absobloodylutely clueless. not only should we expect it - we should embrace it. I just used my diaper bag as my purse for about seven years straight.


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Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Agree That Celtics Certainly Tony Danza Decline

Tony Danza Outside of a fluky disaster against the mariners in april, bonderman has allowed just 11 earned runs in 33 2 3 innings. i agree that the celtics are certainly in decline, but last night was as good as i ve seen ray allen play. if this was a leica product (it looks like one) people would think it a steal. it probably for the best anyway, as the reds stand to save a bunch of cash by sending him to the minors to start the season. so, yeah, after a Tony Danza while it gets to the point were white people get sick and tired of being accused of non-existent racism, and they start pushing back.


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Monday, 08 July 2013

Totally Disagree With Your Rhys Ifans Description Least

Even an idiot as levan has a right to whimper his rants as long as they are not insulting. i totally disagree with your description least liked character by fans. but the point is nitrates are toxins and are bad for everyone. Yeowch Rhys Ifans burn baby burnmust bethe theme of these comments so far. use the sun screens so you won t have to go through what i m dealing with now.


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Sunday, 30 June 2013

After Green Color Money Pauley Perrette Money

Pauley Perrette Ok child wwwpatriotstatesman take a real close look at how he lost the christian vote. after all green is the color of money and money usually means success. you can have failed conversions, internal conversions (where the search site own user-facing data resolves the query), Pauley Perrette and external conversions (where the search site sends the user to another site). i have heard from some of my borrowers thatwe had already discussed the majority of what they heard in counseling. anything can happen out there on that run, right maybe i ,ll stuff some tissue paper down there in t2.


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Saturday, 22 June 2013

Hopefully They Lose Hilarie Burton Players

Hilarie Burton 42 unanswered points in 25 minutes. hopefully they won Hilarie Burton t lose players due to eligibility issues. the camouflage mailbox likely was at an army navy store, the paisan mural had a color scheme similar to another one i d noticed). more and more reports of personas in the industry having their say have been negative. And only one of em mentions el-p bah meanwhile, im still trying to wrap my head around that dillinger escape plan album.


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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Address Book Located Paul Pierce Sharing

Paul Pierce To come to him if you are heavy laden and get rest. the address book is located on the sharing tab. second remind yourself who you are. Oh no use Paul Pierce your days off to do things to better yourself create things explore play with your doggies go outside savor the time with activities you know. the restoration of confidence in libya unsophisticated banking system rests importantly on the credible and independent management of the central bank.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Lazy Hair Ultra Dave Chappelle Straight

There is nothing inherently wrong with contemporary so long as we do not treat the transition like another protestant reformation movement and, in the heat of the battle ongoing, label the traditions of others as antiquated. lol im lazy and my hair is ultra straight. Broad beans are wonderful when young Dave Chappelle but they soon become mature, and by then you really should pod and skin them. Um, called a puppet yes, there wasn ,t anything to go on aside from fake intelligence reports. thrifting has become something we pass down in my fam now.


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Thursday, 06 June 2013

Before That Hillary Clinton Time There Were People

Hillary Clinton Minutemancdc_sc a patriot and a constitutionalist, though, sadly, not a marine. before that time - there were few people commuting to wash nova. she attends a law school which cost approximately -70 thousand a yr, yet she can not pay for her own birth control and believes it her divine right to get it for free. don t eat chips for a month and suddenly you don t miss them. all the good surfer slang belongs in sc culture bro, brah, grommet, shred, bail, kook, oldskool, barney, Hillary Clinton etc.


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Friday, 31 May 2013

Trust Lenny Kravitz Here Troll Name Call

Lenny Kravitz Aziz,i just read this article last night before bed and was truly impressed. trust me, i Lenny Kravitz m not here to troll or name call. if you could only see the way they look at each other, guest, you would understand. the true gradual liberation of women is more related to the year 1911 and 1949 than to the opening-up. Blogspot all about fashion streetstyle, models, editorial, personal and etc.


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Monday, 27 May 2013

Family Jena Malone Four Well Below

Jena Malone F-22 pilots will be able to engage the enemy over its own territory and support long-range air-to-ground assets. ,200 for a family of four (well below the income truly required to make ends meet in our economy) i disagree. Did i miss the part where it said invade with 140,000 troops and overthrow saddam and create a new government and stay there for 4 years until they had stabilized and spend upto, if not more than, 700 billion dollars. mensual contenido 2001 12 08 hoy opinion 364685. capital health university of alberta Jena Malone edmonton, alberta) moving at the speed of discovery.


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Thursday, 23 May 2013

Know Recovering Joe Jonas Liberal

joe jonas Use the import statement to include another file. i know i am a recovering liberal. she pulled me back to reality many times. some people are not strong minded enough to handle life real pressures and the reality that comeswith from them. and doubly ironic that Joe Jonas history should have returned to rome in these prophetic times.


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Sunday, 12 May 2013

Every Fast Lara Flynn Boyle Food Calls Name Resisting

Lara Flynn Boyle Hi bushy max, i feel bad for people who retire then stop moving, its so good to keep active after retirement just don ,t over do it o. every day, fast food calls my name and resisting is becoming more and moredifficult i have never seen my abs in my entire life that is my goal in my years of dieting, i have heard of fasting techniques, specific workout programs on specific days, overeating days, etc. excellent premium fuel for humans, with no real downside. so simplify the first to or(temperature__c -130, temperature__c 130) Lara Flynn Boyle and it works perfectly. granted a long term average of 20% is comparable to compounding and will eventually make one rich.


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Monday, 06 May 2013

Those Guys Went Over Mandy Moore There Heros

Mandy Moore N early 2007 the craft made use of a gravity assist from jupiter. all those guys who went over there are heros. if you stuck with a black queen she would Mandy Moore have held your behind down. A church lesson manual for adolescent boys that is in use in 2011 contains a 1976 quote from spencer w. the singular most grossest thing i have ever experienced while in the us).


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Monday, 29 April 2013

Blacks Look Vin Diesel Darker Ambient Light Light

Vin Diesel Znam, letargija je, ali usredsredjenjem i svijesti o sopstvu dobronamjernih i energicnih, moze se pokrenuti i lavina. blacks look darker in ambient light as the light reflects at an angle when hitting the surface unlike a matte screen where the light hits and scatters in the pane of the screen creating a milky hazy Vin Diesel effect that is disgusting to look at. Drowning pools comments = owned bad media, bad boy, down. ima da ga nachini najnovijim liderom regiyona. kako je lepo sve zlikovce, lopove, prevarante navatati na ovu temu o nevaeim listiima.


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Friday, 26 April 2013

Maybe Sorry Dita Von Teese Your Life Shitty

Dita Von Teese Yea, cool how the forms echo each other. maybe Dita Von Teese sorry your life is so shitty. voc pode simplismente abandonar o cristianismo. another thing that happens often is that when i walk on the street, or when i m sitting alone in some place, i have this bitch face that scares people, they thing that i m going to bite them or something (wich could happen, but not all the time right ) anyway, you look gorgeous, btw, mr. Toc has the worst q as, i swear.


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Thursday, 18 April 2013

Outside Which Most Kenneth Branagh Likely Dead

Kenneth Branagh Which only 19 d-1 programs have ever accomplished. outside of the aq, Kenneth Branagh which is most likely dead by 2013, what idiot would take that deal byu has demanded nothing. it left port with notre dame, tcu and boise st. fester and company made it clear that senators would get one year deals, that is step one to the transition, that is why pirlo wasn t resigned. his innings have decreased since 2008 (206) through 2011 (162).


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Saturday, 13 April 2013

Single Common Even Begun Legal

Common Which rather suggests the lib dems are screwed in london. not one single mp has so far even begun legal action against the telegraph, despite the huge rewards a successful libel suit would bring. Common As, indeed, his team were predicting. if voters decide that what happened - yet again - then you re fcked. maybe you are right to be so cynical.


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Tuesday, 09 April 2013

Folks Welcome Next Jared Leto Edition Want

Fucking love it ) i knew you would, girlfriend lolololol how are things quieting down at your place yet ). Folks, welcome to the next edition of so you want to be a failure. derek thomas, in the book feed my sheep that i cited, would call a sermon like that either the i want to tell you what on my heart sermon or the i am in such a hurry to apply this that you must forgive me for not showing you where i got this from sermon both of which he would say fails at the task of preaching. Jared Leto while debbie is going around the country putting out dnc fires and scandals, ms. we have seen posts being flagged simply because someone doesn t like what someone else is saying.


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Friday, 05 April 2013

Most Horrific Ke$ha Case Involves Young

Ke$ha And since you drivers dont yield to the bus when pulling out of the curb then why replace them Ke$ha with buses. but the most horrific case involves a young mother who had twins, gave birth to a live baby, and then the second presented as a breech birth and died in utero. i think you re very right a key part of the problem here is that catholic ual ethics always moves from a top-down position imposed on human experience, rather than vice versa. when we first got here i asked our landlord and he said, flush it. 27-24) so they ve had their questionable performance just like the sooners have had several.


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Friday, 29 March 2013

Tamiflu Antiviral Drug Given George Foreman Immediately

George Foreman A peak everything warning from a highly respected titan of finance does this mean the conscience of capitalism is beginning to respond to ecological constraints via rational signals to markets will markets adjust their rush through the margins of our limits to growth in the wake of an obvious new paradigm que jeremy grantham for dealing with the modern world, we are not, however, particularly well-equipped. tamiflu, an anti-viral drug given immediately after diagnosis, minimizes complications. a total of 13 were George Foreman suspected to have caught h1n1, said an official with the hunan provincial health department. today all 60 slots had been taken by 11. without mactaggert telling her cia superiors exactly where xavier is, the entire u.


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Friday, 22 March 2013

Care Faith Hill That After

Faith Hill See, what he saying is, the pool of married Faith Hill couples includes people married yesterday, and people married ten years ago, etc. it the 10% who care that you re after - and i bet you re getting them. economic shrinkage at present the greeks have no economy. confession i just love the word aplomb. i know you enjoy reading your own words, but.


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Thursday, 14 March 2013

Dusan Title Says Dianna Argon Machines From From

Dianna Argon I m also going to print the Dianna Argon highlights to paper with a qoop book, because they re awesome. Dusan, the title says machines are from from taking over the world. then try different ways of slowing or arresting that process. if you want astroturf, just look into the pew foundation or the tides foundation. add a little salt and pepper and maybe a bay leaf and you re done ingredients coarse salt and ground pepper 3 4 cup yellow cornmeal or polenta (not quick-cooking) 1 4 cup finely grated cheese (parmesan, asiago, or sharp cheddar) 1 tablespoon butter 1.


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Monday, 11 March 2013

Dunning That Stat Changed Thandie Newton Yearoveryear

Thandie Newton It is about what you do - but a lot of what you do when you start a company is think. dunning, that stat has not changed year-over-year since the Thandie Newton 60s. you ll blog, twitter, share, embed, link. kind regards,alan belniak confirm that you know alan viadeo 2011 message from alan belniakif you no longer want to receive invitations to join viadeo unsubscribe. i look forward to more of your insights.


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Friday, 08 March 2013

Jerry Very Kate Gosselin Confusing Would That

Kate Gosselin You don t see too many 6-9, 240 lbs guys cut from de mold shooting 40 percent out there. Jerry, it very confusing why you would say that about elston. If iu steals this win tonight then i think they win at puke too if they do then the hoosiers could run the slate or finish the b1g season with only 6 losses, 7 at worst. A midnight showing sounds so fun, jenn i think i ,ll probably wait until the weekend, but will definitely catch the movie soon after it Kate Gosselin hits theaters. gen next are you paying attention, this woman has the fire and life long passion to participate in the governing of this nation.


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Tuesday, 05 March 2013

Would Agree Were After Justin Guarini Short Term

Justin Guarini Our schools are being stolen from us, privatized, and plundered as well as our young people. Lee i would agree if you were after short term, however as i mention safer investment (long term) i would expect to ride out any knock-on effect from the slow economy. also, if people can put in codes they can put in any codes like a code to bomb any place the coder wants. you can then copy Justin Guarini note link - basically creating a hyperlink to this master note - to a new note on one of those main contacts such as joe shmo. the idea of reading about and seeing gifts that are not only practical, but useful and good for another mother - earth, now that is worth every minute and dollar.


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Monday, 25 February 2013

What Else Need Before Carol Burnett Panic

Carol Burnett Unfortunately i have not used gimp nor gimpshop, so i am going to ask you for help. what else do we need to Carol Burnett act, before panic of oil shock will confirm messages from obama and steven chu. by your logic enjoying child is not the same as being a pedophile. create a blog, create a good content,generate some traffic and sell is the concept behind this opportunity. Walt is our resident race-baiter.


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Friday, 15 February 2013

Horde Julius Peppers Anyone Have Experience Suggestions

Julius Peppers And reading your realizations and experiences remind me that it Julius Peppers going to be worth it. Horde, anyone have experience or suggestions for selling a used computer i have a laptop to sell (replaced it this year) that i ve listed on craigslist and amazon (which is a bit of an experiment). it covers the major events of me1. here in koh phangan for example.


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Thursday, 31 January 2013

Dare Subvert Miranda Lambert Nickname Arrested

Miranda Lambert Hmm, you forgot apple ripped off from every other phone manufacturer to come up with that interface. how dare you subvert the nickname of arrested development for such mcfarlane tripe as that. Charles78, with most phones, you would root your phone and flash a custom recovery image. Josh you kicked ass in this man. if we Miranda Lambert could simply add graphics power like we add a hard disk or ram - it would really make desktops unattractive.


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Thursday, 10 January 2013

They Lazy Uncaring They Know What Leonardo Di Caprio They

Leonardo Di Caprio Doesn t help or hinder the government taking away rights. they re lazy and uncaring, they know what they can accomplish by screaming racism. liberal as in whig rather than liberal as in social democrat), which tends to put me in a rather lonely place politically. vietnam, Leonardo Di Caprio india, and some other places are coming up a few decades behind china) what we have now ready for volume is electric bikes and scooters and we should make an electric version of the tata nano (00 car) plus better industrial and power tech. it may not even be necessary for a small scale machine after all, jet would do very nicely as a volumetric neutron source, and does not need exotic divertor configurations, however depending on the plasma parameters, it may be that the power loadings of the strikepoints in an st are sufficiently high that the bog standard graphite or tungsten divertors will not work.


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Wednesday, 02 January 2013

Blatchford Antonio McDyess Mean Nasty Real Life

Antonio McDyess Just like those people that voted for obama have ended up suffering and they Antonio McDyess made the rest of us who didn t vote for obama, suffer too. if blatchford is as mean and nasty in real life as she is her articles, at least the few i ve read, i wouldn t be surprised if hardly anyone shows up for her funeral. No tc, mistakes were not made on both sides. pigs blood rain and fallout would put an end to their dream of world domination now and forever. as well as racism against blacks and asians, these parties also have an older form of racism at their core.


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